Empower Yourself with Your Voice

Let me show you how:

Andrena Forrest

  • Why are you not being heard?  Is it because there is no power in your voice?
  • How would you like to attract the right people and situations into your life?
  • What if I tell you your voice is the mirror of your physical and emotional self?
  • If your voice has the right tone, your body and mind will attract all you need..

Having to harness the full power of your vocal range will enable you to speak and sing with confidence and self-assurance

 “A voice without tone is a voice without power”

SoulTone will analyse your voice and from this you will be given a series of vocal exercises enabling you to become a stronger, happier and a more confident individual.

I will analyse your voice and indicate/point out any weaknesses, and from this using techniques that i been taught and have adapted


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No singing is required!

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