“Empower your Voice” “Empower your Life”

Hi, I am Andrena

I want to share and ask …. Are you aware how powerful a tool your voice is? Your voice can strengthen, empower and develop your confidence. I have been a healer for many years and love working with the power of sound. This discovery has led me to find my passion,to empower you to find your voice!

Andrena ForrestHow do you know if you are ‘out of tune’ and in need of a ‘tune up’. We are all like a piano. We have 12 notes in our voice. Our voice has to be in tune to perform to perfection.

Imagine going to a concert and an instrument is out of tune –the sound would be disharmonious. It would cause you to feel ill at ease – in other words dis-eased. Disease occurs when the cells of the body are, quite literally, out of harmony with each other. Out of tune.  Is it time for you to get back in tune?  NO SINGING REQUIRED!

Are you hitting all the right notes?

Does your voice have the right tone to deliver your message?

Some experts claim that 35% of verbal communication is attributed to the tone of our voice. Missing or weak notes will affect the power of your delivery when performing. You can tune your voice for Maximum Impact with a Voice Empowerment Session.

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