We are all a musical instrument and like a piano we should have all 12 notes in our speaking voice. Our voice has to be in tune to perform to perfection.

Experts claim that 38% of verbal communication relates to the tone of your voice. Most of us do not use our full range of notes, this can lead to physical and emotional shutdown in certain areas of our lives.  Thus affecting our performance as a person.

This is a voice chart of a client who has many physical and emotional and issues.


Typical Voice Analysis Chart

Imagine going to a concert where a instrument is out of tune –the sound would be disharmonious. It may cause you to feel ill at ease – in other words dis-eased. Disease occurs when the cells of the body are out of harmony with each other. In other words out of tune.  Are you ready to experience a Voice Empowerment Is it time for you to get back in tune and reclaim your voice power? NO SINGING REQUIRED!

Have you a child or teenager that may need some help, maybe they don’t know how to express themselves?  I can work from 5 years upwards; see the testimonial from a Mother of her 5 year daughter and how it worked for her!!

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