How Sound Therapy helped me find my voice!

20151111_084157When I had my voice analysed it revealed weak and missing notes, this showed an accurate picture of some of my underlying physical and emotional issues!  One note of mine C# relates to tendons, sprains and digestion. Interestingly I had suffered from indigestion as a child and often spraining my wrist or ankles, now I understand why!

My tutor Joy Wallen  who introduced me to this new process and is an exceptional musician who has studied the effects of music and sound  on the body.  This has now become my passion enabling people to heal themselves with their own voice.  With practice of daily tones this will assist you in strengthening your own voice and your own inner power.

Now that I have practiced my sounds are more harmonious and through this method I can now hold the notes for longer.  This has given me the confidence to share my work with others and I guarantee if you practice, you will feel the power from your own voice!

Singing or music has not my background, therefore, I am unable to answer any musical questions! However, all I can say it that  it works and it is my  passion to empower you with confidence with from your own voice, and more importantly it helps towards your own healing. How powerful is that!

Do you have a problem expressing yourself? Or getting your words out

  • Would you like to find the strength and power in your voice that has not yet been developed?

  • Are you a public speaker or musician? Would like to have more power in your voice?

  • Do you think your voice sound feeble or weak?

  • If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then please give me a call on 0402 550 942 to make a booking for an individual session or a group workshop.