The Reverie Harp

andrena and Bernie-001Anyone can play the harp and no musical experience is required!  How fantastic is that!

The harp has many therapeutic qualities, it can assist to help people during end of life and can bring comfort and pleasure to many patients whatever age or ailments they have.

 This is a a video testimonial from a client who experienced the vibrations of the harp through their body. The soothing impact of this “heavenly” sound is similar to the effects of real harp music. If you would like to experience a session please contact me directly.

Andrena and Dr Eddie-001Testimonial:

Sound and vibration therapy are great healing modalities that I believe are greatly under-utilised currently by the medical profession. My personal experience with Andrena’s harp was amazing. I would recommend people try it for themselves.     Dr Eddie Osborne.


This is a testimonial from my client Sharon.  This what she experienced after having a session when I placed the harp on her body and allowed her to experience the sound waves.

I love to see the joy on a client’s face as I start to play as they experience receiving the magical sounds that the harp makes.  I once played the harp over a very pregnant lady she said it was so beautiful and healing and what a wonderful gift to her baby.

20151004_092331 Harp 1 Gwen and Andrena FB_IMG_1459220930072Harp 2