Judith Kusel – South Africa  February 2017

Dear Andrena , Here is the testimonial for you:  I had a SOUL TONE session with Andrena where she listened to my voice and identified the missing tones.  She then gave me the tones to practice, preferably every single day, and then the so-called MISSING tones.  I was delighted to find that after a month I could finally tone the B, the B-sharp and the A without croaking, whereas before I could not tone them at all. I still cannot sing the high notes, like I used to before I lost my voice, but I glad that I am at least now able to tone the upper notes. I am very grateful to Andrena for opening up this sound portal for me.  I can recommend her to anyone who would love to live a more empowered life.  Much Love Light and infinite blessings  http://www.judithkusel.com

 Jane Eriksen testimonial about her 5 year old daughter

I heard about Andrena’s amazing work through a mutual friend and I knew right away I had to see her. I took my daughter, Angelique, with me, and we both had a voice analysis session. Angelique was 5 years old at the time and she had been diagnosed with a severe speech problem. People found it very difficult to understand her. Andrena gave us some exercises to make our missing notes stronger and after a short time Angelique became a fluent speaker. Today her speech is way above average. Thank you so much for your help Andrena.

Jane Eriksen and Angelique Brisbane  2014

Karleen Tammik UK
I recently had a face to face voice analysis session with Andrena and all I can say is WOW! What an incredible experience. I had no idea I had so many notes missing but working with Andrena and continuing  her guidance with her C.D has helped me no end. I am finally, after years of suppression finding my voice, speaking up, speaking out, speaking my truth.  Thank you Andrena your work has really turned my life around. I would recommend Andrena and her amazing work to everyone, she is truly an amazing and compassionate woman, that puts people at ease enough with her sessions to allow you to become vocal. The change I have experienced in well being has been truly phenomenal. 

Thank you Andrena for your care, empathy, compassion and integrity, you and your work  are truly a gift to humanity. I am  truly blessed to know you. 

Karleen August 2014

Janice Kitchen- Bristol UK
I have just had my first face to face voice analysis with Andrena. For someone who dislikes the sound of her own voice , to be given a microphone to talk into could have been daunting but Andrena put me at my ease and I spoke into the mike for a few minutes about a recent event in my life. This resulted in a voice analysis of 5 missing notes which actually corresponded to physical or other problems I now experience. I did not feel embarrassed or awkward as we practiced these notes even when only a squeak came out! At the end of the session I experienced an energy shift and as I left I felt ready to face the world. Another side effect of practicing my notes is that I sing more and hum, which is something I never usually do. I am really looking forwards to better health and well-being using my own voice–amazing. 

Thanks – Janice July 2014

Carol Hartvey-Pool
Andrena’s Sound Bath experience was awesome – I felt the melodic sounds flowing in and around me as she played a variety of instruments from crystal and Tibetan bowls to Solfeggio tubes and more and finished with the gentle tones of the harp.  I felt totally relaxed, completely blissed out and truly inspired!

Carol Hartvey-Pool..Creative writer, poet and songwriter  www.thepoemlady.co.uk

Maggy from Brisbane:
I was so blessed to meet Andrena.  I have had a powerful sound therapy session with her and experienced sounding my birth note. The healing from this has been amazing. I am expressing myself more clearly and openly. I would recommend Andrena and her lovely sessions to anyone. I am excited and am doing the sound therapy every day. Thank you Andrena for creating such a safe space to heal.

Hugs, Maggie

Lyza, Gold Coast
Gosh I had no idea how accurate the voice can be as a tool for registering old trauma, what a fantastic, easy and fun way to heal Andrena, Thank you for introducing me to this ancient and all encompassing form of healing. I am deeply grateful, even my kids are doing the exercises with me. Blessings for your work,


Peter Harris
“As a Practitioner with a Scalar Wave Voice Analysis Hydration System (VAHS) I was intrigued when Andrena told me she did Voice and Frequency Analysis and we agreed to do a swap. I found the accuracy of her system amazing and the results of my session agreed with the tones that my Computer derived figures were indicating would benefit me.  I believe that frequent possibly daily use of the tones will benefit the client immensely, bringing them back to wholeness by the use of these frequencies.  On a personal level I have found Andrena to be a sharing ,giving and loving person strongly into integrity and her own Spirituality.


John Rodriquez  Shailer Park
Andrena is a dedicated healer who works with Voice Analysis to identify physical and emotional imbalances that may be impacting your health. She uses a simple but effective process to do this that does not involve you doing anything special, different or confronting.  She simply analyses your normal speaking voice to identify missing frequencies and then gives guidance on how to being these frequencies back in to your vibration. As a strong advocate of using sound for healing, I can recommend this approach as something new and non-threatening for you to try.
Yours in creative connections.

John Rodriquez     http://singyourvoice.com